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I am working on getting all meeting notes from beginning on here. They are slowly being added and not necessarily in order.
March 14, 2019

Attendees: John C, Ellen


  • Pick dates for Howawoof and santa paws. Howl will be on October 19th 2019. Santa Paws on December 7th 2019.

  • We put off discussing spring event due to lack of participants.

  • We scheduled a work day for April 13th. More details to come. Ellen will develop a list of items to be done.

Next Meeting: April 11th. This will be a planning day for the work day.

December, January and February events cancelled due to lack of interest.


November 8, 2018

Attendees: Beckett, Rebecca, Ellen, Sarah

Notes: We discussed the Fetch a cure statue dedication

October 18, 2018

Attendees: Rebecca, Ellen, John C, Beckett


  • Discussed plans for Howlawoof. Listed known volunteers (Tammy, tambre,fred) Fred will provide food, hot dogs, buns, etc. Ellen will get sodas, Ellen bring extra propane tank, Ellen to print Gift Certificates and make trophies.

  • Fetchacure statue dedication has been set for Nove 10.

  • We still need letter for banning M Anderson. Rebecca working with county. M Pinney not getting back to us.

  • The theme for Santa Paws was decided to be North Pole

  • We need to schedule a work day when the weather warms up,..

April 12, 2018

Attendees: Beckett, Rebecca, Ellen, John C, Tammy


  • We discussed needs at the park. A suggestion was made to find out what it would take to put in a year round water source at the park. Someone suggested an wish list for the park should be created. There was a suggestion to collect toys at the park. We talked about if the wifi was extended to reach the park, we could add a web cam to the park.

  • We discussed the spring fling event scheduled for 5/12. Rebecca posted it in the Chesterfield Observer. Ellen will do the flyer and get with tammy about copying it and distributing. Tammy also offered to bake dog cookies. We discussed doing musical sit and peanut butter eating events.  We may need more propane.


November 9, 2017

Attendees:  Rebecca, Ellen, John C, Denise

Notes: We discussed plans for Santa Paws. Peanuts theme. John will bring snoopy house and plywood for the back drop. Tambre will take photos. Michael will be santa. We discussed various food ideas. We decided chili would be a good  idea.

October 12, 2017

Attendees: Diane, Denise, Julie, Rebecca, John, Ash

Notes: We discussed plans for howlawoof. We also discussed various banners and signs needed at the park. Ellen will get them produced.

September 14, 2017

Attendees: Beckett, Rebecca, Ellen, John C, Ash, Amber, Diane, Danniel, Tammy, Veronica, James, Denise


  • The Falling Creek pool party raised $61 for park.

  • Ash and Annabella Cakes fund raiser on Sat 16th

  • Kennel cough problem at the park was discussed. We were going to find out if closing the park would even be an option since that would be up to the county. We ask discussed if that would even help. We thought signs educating people about vaccinations would help and maybe a brochure to teach more.

  • We discuss the county asking if we wanted to run the canine carnival event. We decided we didn't have enough volunteers.

  • Howlawoof on Oct 14 was discussed. Ellen to purchase a megaphone since the pa system from the county never works.

June 7, 2017

Attendees: Rebecca, ellen, john


  • Meeting was kept short due to a lack of participants. We did discuss the need for a new cig receptical. Ellen will order it.

Dec 8, 2016

Attendees: ellen, denise, holly, rebecca, ash, john, trudy, maddy, bonie

  • Review money earned at santa paws. discussed ideas for next year's set: Charlie Brown or igloo show theme

  • Set dat4es for 2017 events 

  • Bash April29

  • Howl Oct 14

  • Santa Dec 2

  • No january meeting

Nov 10, 2016

Attendees: John, denise, diane, amber, holly, ellen, rebecca, ash, heather, emily, trudy, harvey

Discussed plans for santa paws. Ellen working on set. Needs hay bales, toys, pallets, ribbons, quilt, old doors, etc for country xmas set.

Hot cocoa kits to sell.

Oct 13, 2016

Attendees: Ellen, Arwin, Rebecca, Cyndi, Diane, Janet, Denise, Holly,

Discussed plans for howlawoof. Cyndi and ash to provide prize baskets,  Rebecca to get pa system,  ellen sign up cards.

Sept 8, 2016

Attendees: Ellen, Rebecca, Diane, Denise, Janet

  • Discussed having new signs made.Old signs are 5 years old. Ellen will get quotes

  • Workday plans: Signs installed, weed flowerbox, seal benches, wash shed, paint shed, paint signpost, get paint from county, clean shed.

July 13, 2016

Attendees: Denise, Rebecca, Ellen, Holly, Cyndi, John

  • discussed getting a mailbox and where it should be put

  • discussed plans for a work day.

  • August meeting will be cancelled.

Oct 10, 2013

Attendees: Rebecca, Densie, Tambre, Ellen, Cindy, Beckett

  • Discussed howlawoof

  • listed volunteers committed to helping

  • need tickets for door prizes

  • get tables from densie at the nature center

  • get pa system from county

  • Need drinks


Sep 9, 2012

Attendees: Rebecca,Elle, Diane, Robin, Bev, Ray, Paul, Holly, Ron, Denise, Kathy, Bob,Linda, Jamie, Diane

  • Nov 4th we will have a light ceremony for the new lights

  • Need to schedule work dat3e (oct 5 or 6)

  • Need online complaint form

Aug 9, 2012

Attendees: Diane, Ellen, Rebecca, Tambre, Amanda, Ray, Bev, Jamie, Denise

  • discussed attack at park (saddie)

  • need measurements for time out area and for new shade in small dog park

  • Jamie volunteered to head up the complaints dept

  • Discussed a grant application

  • Remind county we are moving gate

  • Requested portapotty at dog park.

  • need hand sanitizer refills

  • some discussion about howawoof

July 12, 2012

Attendees: Ellen, Rebecca, Bev, Ray, Holly, Sandy, Tori, Denise, Amanda, Dafina, Jamie, Robin, Paul

  • We rented the donated agility equipment for a donation

  • discussed the doggie time out area

  • agreed to add full sized shade to small dog area

  • discussed landscaping again

  • Long heated discussion about zoazia grass. Dafina made a presentation.Very expensive and labor intensive with no guarantee it will work.. Will think of discussing with the county.

  • Amanda petitioned for hand sanitizer station

  • discussed need for gravel french drain around water pads

  • Need someone to volunteer to take over the creating and managing of the banning policy. Discussed how to enforce policy.

June 7, 2012

Attendees: Linda, Dabney, Denise, Aubry, Bev, Ray, Paul, Robin, Ellen, Rebecca

  • Need sign to explain how to work the lights

  • Aubry will help us find a lawyer consultant

  • We will order more sweatshirts and t-shirts

  • discussed landscaping restrictions

  • need to order more poop bags

April 10, 2012

Attendees: Denise, Rebecca, Ellen, Holly, Bev, Ray

  • discussed need for doggy time out area

  • need more shade in small dog park

  • desire for landscaping to provide more shade.

Feb 12, 2012

Attendees: Rebecca and Ellen, Ray

This is special note about attending meeting with County Parks and Rec about the lights. 

  • Streetlights are a possibility but no timers

  • could install lighjts across the street to shine on park. 2 400watt lights

  • $3500 needed

  • We would need to raise half the money. $1750

  • Approx $80 per month in electricity but we would not need to pay that.

  • We decided ti pay the money for our half of the lights and hold a fund raiser to replenish our funds.

Feb 9, 2012

Attendees: Rebecca, Ellen, Diane, Robin, Bev, Ray,, Holly, Denise, Leo, Marla

  • Discussed t-shirts being on clearance and if we wanted to print more.

  • Discussed event insurance

  • Discussed 501c update for May

  • More talk about getting people to plan a new park

  • Discussed handicap parking again.

  • Discussed possible uses for funds: landscaping, signs, lighting, water feature, membership system

  • Discussed the banning policy again.

Jan 18, 1012

Attendees: Ron, Rebecca, Ellen, Ray, Bev, Paul, Denise, Jeff

  • discussed attending the Pet Expo

  • Ray suggested we plan a members picnic. Bring . back the summer social event.

  • We need to find a group of people to spearhead opening another dog park at a chesterfield park.

  • We will be changing the meetings to Thursday nights to have access to the meeting room. 2nd thursday of each month at the nature center

  • Next meeting 9th of Feb

  • Dave and Ray will try to meet with Mike Goldner at the county about the lights

  • Need to send out event dates

  • Need more keys for poopbag dispensers

  • Need policy written for banning dogs (Ron)

  • Handicap parking needed at park

  • Discussed family area in park. Generally thought not a good idea.

Dec 21, 2011

Attendees: Ron, Robin U,, Holly, Robin W, Bev, Ray, Dave, Tambre, Paul, Ellen, Rebecca

  • Need to ask Mark P at the county about the shed

  • Birthday bash scheduled for 5.12.2012

  • Howlawoof scheduled for 10.20.2012

  • Santa Paws scheduled for 12.8.2012

  • Ray gave report on getting lights for the park. Need to setup face to face meeting.

  • Discussion about building the shed.

  • Need to contact Shawn about the poop . bags

  • Event dates need to be emailed to list

  • Possibly setup vendor email list

The Friends of Ruff House Dog Park volunteer organization had disbanded. The park is now maintained by Chesterfield Parks and Recreation.

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